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Behind in Payments?

Many unexpected things can happen in life, such as a job loss or critical health problems, and you may find yourself struggling to make your house payments while all your other bills continue to pile up. It can become extremely difficult, if not impossible to catch up on missed payments as penalties and interest rates continue to increase and make a bad situation even worse. Finally there comes a point where you are no longer able to catch up.Your mortgage lender calls the entire loan due, and you are left to face the very grim reality of losing your house to foreclosure and seeing your credit left in ruins. What can you do? Who can you turn to? Read more…

Mortgage Called Due?

•    Has your perfectly good mortgage been called due by a bank “not in the business anymore”?
•    Do you owe on a loan and the bank is not willing to renew?
•    Do you have a rental property where the bank is unwilling to renew?
•    Are you about to be foreclosed on because you can’t re-qualify for a new mortgage?

We have been there and can help you through this tricky situation.
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Stop Foreclosure Now

The possibility of losing your home is only one of the very real consequences of foreclosure. You will also lose your hard earned equity that you have invested into your home, and details of your foreclosure proceeding can appear on your credit report affecting your ability to borrow for years to come.

Know that it doesn’t have to come to this. Get the advice you need now.
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