Our consultant has been a pleasure to work with. They have been so helpful, and knowledgeable. Most importantly, they speak with confidence and that’s very comforting when in a situation like ours. ABFS Consulting as a whole has been very prompt and thorough. A refreshing feeling at the moment! Thank you!


Drayton Valley, Alberta

I opted to do a lease option back in 2008 with my property in Calgary. I had first and second mortgages owned by a “B” rated side of HSBC’s bank. My thoughts at the time were that with markets booming, prices are going through the roof, “now is the time to get in”. My plan was to refinance in 5 yrs with an “A” rated bank with a lower interest rate, sell the property and make a nice profit with the lease agreement. Unfortunately, 6 mths after buying in the bottom fell out of the market and now I was -45K on the mortgage and the bank had the insurance on it not CMHC. So no “A” rated bank would touch it, even though I never missed a mortgage payment.

Point being, I ran with my emotions instead of facts and running the numbers, and I also trusted someone else “the builder”. To sum it up, with all the money I gave to the builder and mortgage payments for 5 yrs, I lost over 145,000 with no equity. ABFS Consulting made this issue go away! I licked my wounds and was able to start over. It was the first time in 5 years, I could sleep with no weight on my shoulders and no negative results to me credit rating.

Brad D.

Calgary, Alberta


I would recommend the staff at ABFS to anyone looking for financial advice and help. When I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel, they patiently guided me to the path that fit our needs. Went above and beyond in getting a viable solution, researching it, and getting it done. Thank you.

Jason S.

Northern Alberta

Thank you so much for all of your assistance. You made a very difficult process seem easy and I appreciate all your efforts.

Mary L.

Calgary, Alberta

My experience with ABFS Consulting has been second to none. I have been guided through this every step of the way and I’m especially thankful for your patience with me making sure I get all the documents required. Very happy to be a client!


Spruce Grove, Alberta

I had heard about ABFS Consulting through a mutual friend who suggested I get in touch after my mortgage arrears began to get more than I could handle on my own. They were able to help me at a time that was very difficult for me and provide me with a wealth of information that helped me through my court proceedings. I gained a lot of knowledge about property and foreclosures, and they were able to clarify a lot of the confusion I had especially once lawyers and court documents were involved. They provided me with the support I needed, and in the end helped me to avoid a deficiency judgement that could have been placed against me. Everyone was very helpful and I was able to get back to me with any of my questions within the same day or the next.

C. Toth

Calgary, Alberta

We are so lucky to find a company whose goal is to help people get out from a miserable situation like us to due unavoidable circumstances in life and to still regain the dignity and peace of mind. God willing everything will be 100% successful to both of us. Thank you very much for assisting our family in this problem. Your company will thrive for years by doing not only a good service but a good deed to others.

Lorna & V.B.

Edmonton, Alberta

I became a client of ABFS Consulting when unforeseen circumstances arose in my life. I can honestly say that your company has given me peace of mind in keeping my home for my daughter’s upbringing. I believe that children should have a stable home life in order to succeed in their own, and your company has given me the opportunity to do just that. Every person that I have spoken to or dealt with has been more than understanding and helpful, and my questions were always answered with concise information. I would recommend your company to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation that I was in. Thank you for the chance that your company has provided for myself as well as my daughter.


Camrose, Alberta

Your staff has been very helpful in answering my questions and queries. Thank you!


Edmonton, Alberta

Everyone at ABFS Consulting has been so helpful, very honest and straight forward to me during this stressful and trying time in my life. For that I am extremely grateful.


Greater Calgary Area, Alberta


Thank you so much for such valuable information. I definitely would not have known that on my own. I very much appreciate your experience and willingness to provide that to me.


Cochrane, Alberta

You have been a great help getting us though this difficult time. It’s been very easy to communicate with everyone at ABFS. Thank you.

Kelly and Gary

Calgary, Alberta

I am so thankful for everyone’s knowledge and assistance. I really appreciate how we can communicate and do business online and by email, given the distance, it is very convenient. I have been dealing with Janet, she is very knowledgeable and she has been extremely helpful and available whenever I have a question or need direction, that means so much in such a stressful time as this. Thank you 🙂


Northern Alberta

“I am sincerely have a face filled with tears, a heavy relief of my heart, Thank you so much, for the work, the hours, your connections, of making things happen and saving my home since 1968!!!!!  Thank you with All Of My Heart!  You have helped me to keep a roof over my very sick 11 year old daughter’s head, ending her fear and anxiety of having to leave the only home she has ever known!!! I Thank you all!!!”


Calgary, Alberta

“Your service is assuring and direct right from my initial contact. I knew right away that I was not dealing with a fly-by-night outfit. I was impressed with how involved the members of the team are in the business. You are a comfort to those whose hope has diminished, and I will definitely mention the important role you played in my marriage and my life. Thank you, God Bless.”


Greater Edmonton Area, Alberta

“As a real estate investor I need to make a lateral move to cut my loses and get out of this real estate investment as painless as possible. This is where I found Ryan and ABFS Consulting. After speaking with Ryan, and learning of the strategies he could offer, I knew then that I had a good team behind me.

I had a situation with multiple parties involved, and ABFS worked through it with ease. His team came through for me, and I came out on top at the end. I ended up getting out of a situation that could of cost me $280,000 or more and damage to my credit rating for years to come, but it was all avoided by using ABFS Consulting.


Calgary, Alberta

“I just want to thank you all for resolving my foreclosure I found you guys to be professional and hard working. I had my problem resolved in two months!”

Jack V.

Greater Edmonton Area, Alberta

“Thank you ever so much for guided help and full stress relief. Better than a massage!”


Black Diamond

“We would like to thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for the effort and work put in to get to this point. It is a relief for us and we cannot begin to express our gratitude to you, Owen and everyone who helped and worked on this file.”

Approximately 18 months ago we were faced with what seemed like an impossible situation. Having operated our small business for 5 years we found ourselves in the financial struggle of our lives. Given the financial strain operating the small business we found ourselves having to make a choice. We either had to file for bankruptcy or look at an alternative. The mortgage company had initiated foreclosure on our home and several business creditors were applying pressure that threatened to collapse our business and everything we had worked for. The situation appeared hopeless until we received a letter from Alberta Foreclosure Stoppers, signed by you.

At first after contacting you the possibilities seemed too good to be true and we admit we were rather skeptical. However after some thought we decided we had nothing to lose and agreed to have you assist us. The next 18 months were not easy ones as our situation was complicated. We admit there were times we felt the whole process was an exercise in futility. However your positive attitude, and continued assurances along with that of your staff was contagious and kept us going.

In the end you delivered on what you promised from the outset and although we know it wasn’t easy for you to pull everything we threw at you together, the whole process was more than worth it, as 18 months from the start of this journey we are out of foreclosure, and still in our home with a respectable amount of equity.

We are ever grateful for you and your assistance against almost impossible odds, and commend you and your company for all the assistance and perseverance in finding a solution to our problem. We have no hesitation whatever in recommending you or your company to anyone that needs the services you provide. In an often selfish world it is truly refreshing to find people such as yourselves that truly care about someone else, and not focused first and foremost on the “hats in it for us” philosophy so prevalent today.

Once again our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the incredible job you did. You were truly a god-send.

Henry & Carla,

Northern Alberta

Heather came to us looking for assistance after she was referred to us from a trusted mortgage brokerage. Having an older husband on disability, 2 dependents under the age of 18, and finding her own self out of work, the couple began falling behind on their second mortgage. Knowing they were looking at the loss of their home, they came to us for advice on the best way to move forward.

With the advice of our knowledgeable team and extended network, we were able to provide them with a solution that helped to save their credit, and provide them with a little extra to get back on their feet.

“They were very good to me. They understood the stress I was under. I put a lot of trust in them, and they handled everything for me.”


Calgary, AB

“Thank you for providing me with options I didn’t know were available. No one wants to be in a situation where losing his/her home is a possibility, so thank you for providing a service where foreclosure is not a certainty.”


Calgary, Alberta

“We did not know which way to turn or what to do because we had never been in this situation before – foreclosure.

My husband found your company on the internet. Right from our initial contact, you have advised us each step of the way and have answered all of our questions. With the lawyers I had called, you had to pay some initial fees right up front or they would not even talk to you. We could not even come up with these fees so it was becoming a real issue. Both my husband and I were starting to get depressed as we thought we were going to lose our home and it seemed there was nothing we could do about it. Instead, you have been patient with us in coming up with the funding for your services and allowing us to make installment payments. Now we have hope again and know that you have been working on our behalf. All we can say is a tremendous thank you and thanks for being there to help us through this awful situation.”


Northern Rural Alberta

After being diagnosed with Cancer, Chris* and wife Lauren* got over six month behind on their mortgage payments. Now finding themselves in the midst of a foreclosure, and not knowing what to do, the couple turned to us for guidance to help ease their worst fears, and educate themselves on the process, and their options.

“I’m glad that I reached out to you…. I got to meet a person who is a decent, good hearted human being. I can’t thank you enough.”


Greater Edmonton Area

After being injured and unable to work, Allan had fallen months behind his mortgage payments. Now facing foreclosure, he had came to us to see if we could help. After assessing all angles of his situation, our team was able to not only him stay in his home, but also catch up on his debts.

“They were able to help me refinance, get the money I needed, and allow me to stay in my home… Overall, I found them to be knowledgeable and professional.”


Calgary, AB

After many years of working for the same company and wondering what else was out there for us we decided to start our own business in 2006 which thrived for a time until the recession of 2008 hit and we started to feel the effects in early 2009.

We were forced to lock into a punitive mortgage with a high interest rate with a big bank and thought we could overcome that with hard work, that did not happen and we were forced to live off of credit in the hopes that the economy would turn around and that didn’t happen either. I reached out to the company I had left and was re-hired after three years on our own but still had a lot of debt, poor credit and the high interest mortgage with the bank.

We struck out to look for someone who could help us out of our situation and were stonewalled at every turn until we stumbled upon “Alberta Foreclosure Stoppers” and Dr. Ryan Chernesky. Ryan suggested he might be able to help us stay in our house and deal with our creditors and get us started back on the road to financial stability with some outside of the box thinking and hard work on our part.

Ryan has never made us a promise he couldn’t keep and has been straight forward and honest with us every step of the way, in short he does what he says. He has gotten us back on our feet and kept us in our home and done what nobody else has been able to do for us and we thank him for that and look forward to working with him and his very qualified team in the future.

Bob F.

*Names changed for confidentiality purposes

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"Your service is assuring and direct right from my initial contact. I knew right away that I was not dealing with a fly-by-night outfit. I was impressed with how involved the members of the team are in the business. You are a comfort to those whose hope has diminished, and I will definitely mention the important role you played in my marriage and my life. Thank you, God Bless."
Davis, Greater Edmonton Area

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