Foreclosure Stress ReliefWe are proud to announce another successful foreclosure resolution for one of our valued clients that avoided them being foreclosed from their home. The client came to us in a real financial bind. He allowed his mortgage to fall behind while focusing on a tough separation and subsequent divorce. As we often see with clients that contact us, once a bank files a Statement of Claim potential lenders scatter and no credible bank is left to refinance the loan in default in order to pay out the arrears. Solving these problems requires a thorough assessment of all resources currently on hand, due diligence as to exactly what stage the foreclosure is at, the planning of a solution, and then a step by step guided implementation of the plan until the foreclosure ceases. In this situation, we were able to assist this client by sourcing and securing a secondary loan in the amount of $25,000. This amount was sufficient to reinstate the 1st mortgage into good standing. In addition, we were also able to eliminate a Writ that a previous creditor had placed on his title.


If you are encountering a difficult situation that is impacting your property, please do not hesitate to get the help you need to reveal the options you may still have available to you.