Proposal Rejection

What to do when the bank rejects your payment proposal

Many of our clients first come to us frustrated after having their payment plan rejected by the lender’s lawyer. The key to getting a bank to agree to a payment plan for mortgage arrears is to know exactly what the bank is looking for. There are only certain terms and time frames banks will accept.

After several frustrating weeks of trying to come up with her own solution Betty* came to us asking if we could help her make headway with her lender. She felt the lender simply wanted to take her house away from her through foreclosure and nothing that she said mattered. In reality, the lender just needed proof that she would be able to maintain a certain payment schedule. After a thorough review of her situation, we were able to make contact with the lender’s lawyer and submit a formal payment proposal. The key to success was knowing how to lay out the payment proposal in terms the lender was able to understand and agree to.


If you or someone you know is in foreclosure, or close to it, please have them call our office. We have reviewed thousands of foreclosures and have a line of communication with most lender law firms in Alberta. Borrowers often have one chance to make a solid proposal so we can help you make sure your first pitch is your best pitch, in terms the lender will understand and accept.

*Name changed to protect identity